SACE Research Project

Click on the links below for a host of excellent resources to help with the Research Project at all its various stages.

R.P. Info & Guides

Cabra College Research Project Quick Guide Semester 2 2016 (stick this on the fridge!)

Research Project Overview Sem 2 2016 Helpful PowerPoint to view.

What Topic Should I Do? Devising a great RP Question.

Research Project Proposal scaffold

Folio – Student Worksheet on the Capabilities

Information Evaluation Rubric

Information Evaluation Rubric

Plus Model

The PLUS Model of Information Literacy

The PLUS Model of Information Literacy

Evaluation Outline Scaffold 2016

Student Guide to Referencing SACE

SACE Word-count policy

SACE RP Info 2014 Latest info from SACE board for the Research Project.

Research Advice for RP Research Advice for students doing the Research Project 2016

SACE Resaerch Project Guide from State LibraryState Library Of South Australia Research Project Guides

R.P. Recommended Resources

pic by slightlylessrandom Check out this link for research databases, search tips & evaluation and referencing help.

Watch a video of past students talking about their RP experiences.

If you’re still stuck or need a specific question answered, just ‘Ask a Librarian!

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