Adelaide Writer’s Week Report Part 3 (of 3). D.M. Cornish

On Friday 2 March Mrs Cross’s Year 10 English class joined her and the Librarian Mr Bull for an excursion to the first Adelaide Writer’s Festival Schools Day. Students were treated to three very different sessions. The third entitled, “Constructing a Character” featured Adelaide author and illustrator D.M. Cornish. Students and teachers alike were treated to an excellent question and answer session between author/illustrator David Cornish and his Adelaide publisher Dyan Blacklock from Omnibus Books. She told the story of how Cornish went from jobbing illustrator with Omnibus to their most high profile writer in a very short space of time. The film  rights to his Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy have been bought by the Jim Henson Company and so his star seems to rise ever higher. During the session David spoke of how he came to creat his ficitional world, The Half Continent over more than eleven years through dozens of unpublished notebooks.

He freely admits his books’ debts to both Tolkien and Gormenghast Trilogy author Mervyn Peake. Make no mistake however Monster Blood Tattoo is no parody or pastiche, but an intricately imagined and  richly drawn world with a compelling storyline. Fans were delighted to hear that Mr Cornish is well into a fourth book in the series told it seems from a much different perspective.

D.M. Cornish will visit Cabra College on Wednesday 23rd May for a series of talks and a writing workshop. Signed copies of his books will be available for purchase.

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