Author D.M. Cornish to Visit Cabra

As part of National Year of Reading acclaimed Adelaide author and illustrator D.M. Cornish will visit Cabra College on Wednesday 23rd May for a series of talks, book signings and a writing workshop. Cornish is the author of the well received fantasy series, Monster Blood Tattoo originally published by Omnibus Books here in Adelaide.

The author had been working as an illustrator for Omnibus before his detailed illustrated notebooks were discovered by the publisher Dyan Blacklock. His elaborately detailed world of The Half Continent takes readers on a journey into realms of monsters versus humans, bringing to mind the best work of Tolkien and Mervyn Peake‘s Gormenghast Trilogy .

The film rights to his Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy have been bought by the Jim Henson Company and so we may yet see a big screen version of Rossamund’s tale emerge.

Click on the links below for a wealth of Monster Blood Tattoo and Half Continent info and resources.

Official Monster Blood Tattoo Site (ANZ),

Author’s Monster Blood Tattoo Blog

Intricate Map of the Half Continent

Monster Blood Tattoo Wiki

Lands of the Half Continent Fan Forum

 Fan site run through Facebook

D.M. Cornish will visit Cabra College on Wednesday 23rd May for a series of talks and a writing workshop. Signed copies of his books will be available for purchase. Please see Mr Bull in the Senior Library or Miss SB in the Middle School Library for details.

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