The Name’s Pond. James Pond.

James Pond, licensed to gill?

James Pond, licensed to gill?

Well it’s official. Our new library fish finally has a name. Beating off stiff competition in a field of cheeky contenders, it seems that James Pond (007 for short) was the most popular name by a considerable margin. Named after author Ian Fleming’s inimitable English Spy, we wish James a long and happy life in the Senior library. Please feel free to drop down and say hello.

The overall winner of the naming competition with almost 25% of the vote was Alexandra D. from 9 Yellow. runners-up with shortlisted names were: Emily W (7 Black), Josh S (11 Black), Jarrel A (11 Gold), Jasper H (8 White), Victoria S (9 Yellow), Grace S (7 Rust) and Jon P (12 Gold). Alexandra and all the other students mentioned above have a prize waiting  for them to collect from the Senior Library. Please drop down this Friday. Well done and thanks!

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