Author Iain Banks Dies Aged 59

SMH Story

Pic Courtesy of Book

Renowned Scottish author Iain Banks has died aged 59 after a short battle with Cancer. Read the news story here. The prolific author of many genre bending novels was famous for his darkly comic sense of humour, even using the grim news to make a late joke at death’s expense. With news that his time was nearly up, the previously divorced Banks asked his girlfriend Adele Hartley if she would “do me the honour of becoming my widow”. Author of 27 published novels, Banks enjoyed parallel writing careers; firstly as Iain Banks, writing grimly compelling realist fiction and also as Iain M. Banks, where his high techno fantasy novels introduced the SF community to “The Culture”.

His final novel, The Quarry was rushed forward into print just weeks before his death. It tells the story of a 40 something man who is losing his battle with cancer and the relationship with his teenage son who cares for him.

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