Are You Up for the Challenge?

reading challenges

It is traditional for people to make New Year’s resolutions at the start of a new year and I am as guilty as the next person in not always managing to adhere to these worthy pledges for the entire 12 months. That said, last year I pledged to read 30 books and tracked my progress on Goodreads, using their nifty Reading Challenge Widget which I displayed on this very blog for all to see. I didn’t quite make my target, just coming up short by a few books (I managed 25). This year I am aiming to repeat the process, I’ve upped my goal by 1 book to 31 for the year and I am once again keeping tabs on myself via Goodreads.

If you fancy taking a simple challenge yourself, check out this Pinterest page with literally dozens of sites offering a multitude of different reading challenges to suit all abilities, tastes and interests.

Remember to check in here to see how I’m doing throughout the year.

Read what you love, love what you read.

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