Big Book Sale Continues Today

Students are spoilt for choice at this year's big book sale.

Students are spoilt for choice at this year’s big book sale.

Our Big Bring and Buy Book Sale is on again today. After a huge first day we still have a great selection of quality fiction and non-fiction titles for your reading pleasure. If you forgot your cash, don’t fear. Just select the books you want and we will hold them till tomorrow for you. Remember all proceeds split between Cabra Libraries and our selected Cabra Missions. All unsold books will be donated to local charities like Rotary who will send the most useful titles to needy schools in the South pacific region. We aim to let nothing go to landfill.

Used Book Facts:

Did You Know that The Lifeline Bookfest held twice yearly in Brisbane is widely regarded as the world’s largest second hand book sale. The last Bookfest, held from January 18-27, raised an incredible $1.18m! That’s an $80,000 increase on the previous year. The next Lifeline Bookfest will be held at the Brisbane Convention Centre from June 7-10, 2014. Lifeline is a Uniting Church Crisis Support and Suicide Prevention Service.



2 comments on “Big Book Sale Continues Today

  1. Another great initiative! It’s an excellent way to share books you have finished with and it’s so good that nothing goes to landfill.

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