Year 10 Students Study Films Adapted from Novels

Not every author loved or approved of the screen adaptation of their work. Take a look at 11 authors that were less than impressed with the results of the film adaptation and 10 of the funniest responses from authors who loathed the film versions of their books. Once again, quite a good place to start for a comparison of the way different media tells the same story.

authors and movies

Year 10 English students have been choosing a novel that has been made into a film as part of their course this Term. There has been a lot of interest in books being made into films recently with what seems like an exponential growth. From recently written Young Adult dystopian fiction such as The Hunger Games and the Divergent series, to classic tales retold such as Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Check out the lists below for some ideas on which book to film choices to make.

 Or what about 10 authors that loved the film version of their book.


30 Books Being Made into Films in 2014

chasing frogBest film adaptations in 2013

A-Z list of movies made from booksAn A-Z list of movies that have been adapted from or inspired by books

If this only whets your appetite for film adaptations then be sure to visit our very own comprehensive Books into Films Page here.

As the Cabra Library DVD collection grows this interest will naturally increase here at school too. We are approaching 600 titles in our constantly growing DVD loan collection. Please remember to have a parent/carer sign your student diary to allow you to borrow. View the complete list below:

DVDs for loan Aug 2014


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