Reasons for Reading

image by Katerha

image by Katerha

“I love reading because I can bury myself in a book and it transports me to another world. I can get to know the characters, try on other people’s lives to see how they fit. Reading is the cheapest form of travel! 😉 “Mikayla, Year 8

Recently I asked all Cabra students if they would tell us their reasons for reading. We even offered a $20 Book Voucher for the best, most imaginative response. It would be an understatement to say that we were bowled over by the number and quality of the replies. We are still accepting entries till the end of Week 3 with the winner (or winners) being announced in the Week 4 College Newsletter.

Check out some more of the finest entries so far…

“My reason for reading is to escape reality for a little while, or even a long time. Reading takes me to all different worlds, and allows me to jump into the story and life of someone else. I know that whenever I feel like I have no one, I will always have the books on my shelves and the shelves in the library to welcome me home.” – V.S. Year 10

So keep your “Reasons for Reading” coming in till Friday 31 October!


12 comments on “Reasons for Reading

  1. I read because I believe reading is good for us for it widens one’ s imagination, vocabulary, it transfer me into another world of amazement and wonder and because a book is a human’s best friend.

  2. I absolutely LOVE to read because it allows me to go into my own world and i can imagine new things, I also like it because it helps me in my schoolwork, lots of new words and sentence formats! I can also imagine things that i have never imagined before.

    Leah Dobson Yr 7 student

  3. I love reading because I can be put in to the shoes of my favourite character and I can experience the emotions they feel. One day I could be fighting a horde of zombies and an other I could be falling in love with Augustus Waters.

  4. I read so that my eyes can go for a walk. Eyes can get very tired and bored, but with a nice walk across pages, they freshen up. Sometimes they take a long romanic walk along the beach if I’m reading a romance novel, sometimes they are running away from an evil government in the future if I’m reading a scifi book, or they could be going for a quick stroll in the park if I’m reading a picture book. What ever it is, I know my eyes will get all the fresh air and energy they need, just from reading.

  5. I love reading because the adventures that the people have I imagen their adventures as my own and when you want to stop reading you can never stop.

  6. Reading is being in a world that takes you on an adventure

    Without and adventure the world would be plain

    These adventures will cause you know pain

    The only pain there will be is that you have to read to be free

    Reading takes you to places you might not ever go

    So reading to me is never slow

    Life can take you on a adventure, but reading takes you on a journey to find your life

    Once you start you never can stop

    Because reading is life that never stops

    No matter how old reading for all ages no matter what

  7. Sometimes books are the bad ones and some are the best selling books and makes you smile so I like reading so I can get a happier and achieve an easier life

  8. I love reading because it makes me happy. If I’m in a stressful position in my life it just blanks everything and takes me to wonderful places to calm me down.

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