Reasons for Reading # 3

image by poppet with a camera

image by poppet with a camera

I like to read for many good reasons,

It’s brilliant fun in every season.


Whether I’m happy or whether I’m sad,

Whether I’m bored or I’m just plain mad.


I whip out a book and it sets me free,

It’s relaxing yet thrilling, it lets me be me.


It helps me forget about all other things,

so I can live in my palace, surrounded by kings.

Emma B. Year 9

Recently I asked all Cabra students if they would tell us their reasons for reading. We even offered a $20 Book Voucher for the best, most imaginative response. It would be an understatement to say that we were bowled over by the number and quality of the replies. We are still accepting entries till the end of Week 3 with the winner (or winners) being announced in the Week 4 College Newsletter.

So keep your “Reasons for Reading” coming in till Friday 31 October!

22 comments on “Reasons for Reading # 3

  1. I like reading because books take me away on adventures I have never dreamed of going on, books take me to a new place full of mysteries and exciting new people.

  2. When I am board or sad or sometimes angry it’s very hard to keep my self calm. But when I read I forget everything it’s like I’m in a different place and sometimes I can’t stop reading.

  3. I love reading I have made mrs mills mad with my reading. Warrior cats are the best made her order most of the books and firestar are better then tigerstar when the battle comes three will come four or the darkness with come to destory us. Then we will died. Warriors cats by Erin hunter is the best with the awesome firestar to the evil brokenstar to the sweet snowfur to the means kits. Warrior will take your mind away forever and ever.

  4. Reading is amazing, I won’t listen to anyone saying otherwise.
    It lets you become… whatever you want to become.
    Books can suck you into another world. Reading makes you a part of the story.
    No matter how good the book, you, and you alone, determine the outcome of the story.
    So get out there! Grab a book and don’t stop!
    Reading is amazing, maybe I’ve convinced you now.

  5. I like to read every day and it takes you to amazing places.I read as much as I can if I am in a problem I read and it calms me down

  6. I love to read because it brings out a different side if me, a more relaxed and less stressed side. It takes me away to a completely different world filled with my favourite and adored characters. I lay or sit there and let it take me, let my eyelids lower and let the words go straight to my head. I love to read and enjoy every bit of it!!!!

  7. I like to read because in books anything can happen, you can read every type of book and you can imagine the story in your head instead of on a screen.

  8. I love reading because it could be a rainy day but then you can be transported into a happy day with sunshine just by reading a book.

  9. Because with some books they take you on an adventure thru your mind and it can take you to good places. Some can make you cry, some can make you laugh and etc so that’s why I read very day so I can have a good imagination.

  10. I love reading because books take me places, they inspire me and reading books fills me with excitement and wonder. Reading makes my happy and joyful, reading helps me relax and escape the real world.

  11. I love reading because it can take me places in my imagination that I could never go in real also gives me something to think about like I wonder what going to happen next or what’s the end going to be like.Also I can relate to some books and sometimes I go “hey,that happend to me.” Or “I guess I could try that.”
    Books are great in blackouts because it can take your mind of it.
    It also helps you to sleep at night instead of watching TV at night.

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