Cabra College Library DVD Collection

DVDs for LoanOver the last two years we have selected, purchased and catalogued hundreds of films on DVD for loan to students and staff.  We now have a DVD collection of almost 900 films housed in the Senior Library.

By far and away our DVD collection is focused on films that have been based on books. In some cases the titles are identical, sometimes similar and sometimes the DVD is only loosely based on a book.

Library staff will only loan DVDs to students who are of the appropriate age for each film’s classification. Unless parents have a specific objection to their child borrowing DVDs, the library staff will loan G and PG rated films to all students. To borrow M, M15+ MA15+ rated films students need to be 15 or over. We do not stock R rated films of any sort. Our Access-It Library System knows the age of each borrower and will prevent M and MA films being loaned to those not of age. If you would rather your child did not borrow DVDs of a particular rating or at all please contact Mr Bull ( to discuss.

Click on the link below to view our entire DVD collection at present. If you like what you see either drop down to the Senior Library to browse or search the Access-It Online Catalogue to see if it’s in or to reserve a copy.

DVDs for loan Feb 2015

Non Curriculum DVDs for loan March 2016

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