Help Design Our New Library. In Minecraft! Entries close End of Week 10.

minecraft library 3

Calling all library lovers and Minecrafters. As you know we are planning to re-design the Cabra Library spaces and as always we want student input. If you have a great idea, fantastic concept or dream library space in mind, we want to know. You can work as an individual or collaborate in a group.

Great prizes to be won! Book Vouchers as well EB Games Gift Cards.

What better way to get these ideas and plans across than to build them in Minecraft and enter our great competition? We are looking for innovative, funky, student-centred ideas to incorporate into our new, real library re-design here at Cabra. You have till the end of Week 10 (Friday 8 April), to design, craft and submit your ideal library (or part thereof) to our competition. You can use the Submit Form at the bottom of this post or email us a link to a short 3 minute video tour of your finished Minecraft Library for us to judge. Please ensure you also include your name, Home room any other technical specifications you want us to consider.

Check out some of the best Libraries ever created in Minecraft here.

minecraft libraries thumbnails

Some of these are Minecraft re-creations of real ‘bricks and mortar’ libraries while others are a you will see pure fantasy!

Not sure how to get started? Check out these super ‘how-to’ video tutorials below:


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