Blog Guidelines

To use the blog, you must agree to the following statements.

  • I will not use any swear words or inappropriate language.
  • I will not use fighting words or provoke anyone.
  • I will avoid the use of chat language.
  • I will try to spell everything correctly.
  • I will only give constructive criticism.
  • I will not use my full name, or the name of my classmates.
  • I will only use my school email address when leaving a comment
  • I will not plagiarize.

I recognize that breaking any of these rules could lead to any of the following consequences depending on severity and repetition:

  • · warning
  • · deletion of some or all of the post
  • · temporary loss of blogging privileges
  • · permanent loss of blogging privileges
  • · referral to the school administration

Please note that all posts and comments are moderated for content before posting to the Cabra Library blogs.

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