Website of the Week: A Mighty Girl

a mighty girl headerThis week’s Website of the Week is A site devoted to book and movie reviews and author interviews of particular interest to girls. There are some really fantastic lists of books and authors that feature strong female characters and positive role models for girls and young women. Browse the sections below for more strong girl stories both fiction and non-fiction:

Mighty Girls & Women; Fiction;  General Interest;  History/Biography; Personal Development; Social Issues


Website of the Week:

word a dayThis week’s Website of the Week is This site has a really cool Word of the Day feature which allows subscribers to receive a different word and its definitions as an email every day. Check out our sidebar for today’s word and feel free to follow this blog to see the new word each day.

Wordsmith .org is also the home of Internet Anagram Server, another brilliant little tool that generates almost endless anagrams for any words or phrases you enter.

Website of the Week: Quote Investigator

quote investigator

This week’s Website of the Week is Quote Investigator. Ever wondered whether that famous quote you love to use is factually accurate? Did Albert Einstein really say everything attributed to him? How would we know and could we ever find out for sure? Dr Garson O’Toole may be able to help. His excellent investigative blog Quote Investigator  attempts to get to the bottom of just who said what, when and where.

Dr O’Toole scours the web and print sources to separate the fact from fiction when it comes to famous quotes. So before you emblazon that essay or blog post with some snappy quote by your favourite author, just check that they did in fact say what you think they said.

Website of the Week:

This week’s Website of the Week is

The site attempts to match your interests in books, films and music with other compatible content. Try searching your favourite author, book, film or band and Tastekid will suggest other things that you might like based on the style, audience and genre. Give it a try.image

Website of the Week:



This week’s Website of the Week is This site offers a wide range of critical articles on Christianity and comparative religion. is divided into four main sections; Engage, Explore, Compare and Relate which provide intelligent, thought-provoking articles on religion, morals, and the meaning of life.

Website of the Week: HHMI’s Biointeractive

Free Science Education Resources

This week’s Website of the Week is BioInteractive. This interactive site provides a wealth of free Science Education resources on a multitude of topics.  Check out the topic list below:

Biointeractive topics

The site seems to offer a good range of general Science resources, careers info, Environmental Science and Scientific Methods. It’s particular focus however is Biology and related disciplines.



Website of the Week: Noodle Tools

noodle tools

This week’s Website of the Week is Noodle Tools. Take a tour of these well-chosen, categorized resources to help you with any type of research you are undertaking.

Once again remember using sites such as these improves the quality, relevance and authority of the information you will find. Understanding the nature of your information search and utilising a range of different types of sources will provide better results and save you time.

Website of the Week: 100 Search Engines For Academic Research

100 Academic Search Engines

This week’s Website of the Week is 100 Search Engines For Academic Research from te@chthought. Teachthought is a learning and technology blog that offer users really useful reviews of new and existing technologies used in education. Their post on 100 Search Engines For Academic Research is a truly excellent annotated list of search engines, gateways and information portals for academic research. Sites are organised into General, Meta Search, Databases and Archives, Books & Journals, Subjects, Other Niches and Reference.

The good news about using sites such as these is that the quality, relevance and authority of the information is much more likely to be high than simply using a generic search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Website of the Week:


Make a Gif

This week’s Website of the Week is is a cool little utility that allows you to create your own animated gifs and display them anywhere. You can upload images to create gifs from your computer, from YouTube, or even from your own videos.