Below you will find links to specific filmographies, web resources and various search engines dedicated to film-making and cinema.

Australian Cinema and Filmmaking

Australian Film Classification and Censorship


Films Adapted from or Based on Books

Film History and Theory

Best American Films

Italian Cinema

Shubun_poster Some great Japanese film resources here.

Movie Reviews and Recommendations, Filmmakers, Actors, Industry Information

slashfilm – News, reviews, trailers, cool stuff.

 Rotten Tomatoes – Searchable Film Review Site

Internet Movie Database

movielens MovieLens helps you find movies you will like. Rate movies to build a custom taste profile, then MovieLens recommends other movies for you to watch.

Nanocrowd. It’s a discovery engine rather than a search engine though. Simply type in a film/actor/director that you like, and Nanocrowd will attempt to find others that you like.

MyFilmz Type in a movie name that you like and get recommendations. Add your own favourites as well, and tag them


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