What To Read Next?


Stuck for what to read next? Read all your favourite author’s books twice? Fear not, help is at hand. Visit the websites below for tips and suggestions based on your reading tastes and preferences.

Reader’s Advice  – Genre List

image Tastekid.com, find books, authors, movies, TV shows and games based on your favourites. Sign in to develop a recommendation engine based on your tastes. Brilliant!

children's book sequelsChildren’s Book Sequels. Searchable database of sequels and books in a series.

What’s the Next Book in the Series?

What's Next Another great searchable “What’s Next” in the series tool.

All Readers Superb site that searches based on plot, setting, character, and writing style.

Teen Ink – Written by and for Teenagers (US site)




Graphic Novel GuideGraphic Novels Guide

Or for a personalised service; just tell us your two favourite authors and/or the types of books you like.

Email us here – sbull@cabra.catholic.edu.au

Or leave your request as a comment below. First name and initial only please.

16 comments on “What To Read Next?

  1. Mr Bull
    Sup! i think you should check out these books.
    by Kate Saksena

    The Defender
    by Alan Gibbons

    Black Hawk Down
    by Mark Bowden

  2. i found 3 books that i think look intresting andthe libery dosent have them they are called The Kid by Kevin Lewis
    Secrets by T. A. Blezard
    Blue by Sue Mayfield

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