E-Books and E-Journals

They’re books Jim but not as we know it.

There is a world of information, fiction and non-fiction out there in cyberspace if you just know where to look. These E-Book search engines will open up whole new information possibilities. You still need to be selective and cite where you got the information, but using these might just give you that great quote to round off your essay or perfectly introduce your latest presentation. Here they are:

 Australian and New Zealand databses of newspaper, magazine and journal articles.

Click here to access the EBSCO eBook Collection

Search our EBSCO eBook Collection here.







http://sciyo.com/ – free searchable full text science resources

Bartleby.com – Search full text works including the Bible, Shakespeare, Poetry etc

Project Gutenburg – Searchable Full text Books, literally millions of pages on every topic

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