Dogs in Fiction

dog booksThere are many inspirations for writing but some seem to crop up more than others. Animals and dogs in particular have provided the narrative drive for countless novels and short stories. Having recently rescued a four-year old miniature bull terrier ourselves, I started to reflect on all the stories I knew where a dog was the driving force.

Check out the links below for a veritable panoply of canine fiction; classic, modern and contemporary.

The Dog and the Novel: Loyal Companions by Beth Carswell from Abe Books.

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Amazon’s Listmania selection of lists of dogs in fiction books.

Reading Bugs Dog Book lists, from picture books all the way to adult fiction.

Some Librarians Write Books. A Top 10 List.

out stealing horsesSome of the world’s finest writers have also been librarians at one point or another. Check out this interesting and comprehensive list of some of the best books written by those inscrutable keepers of books. If you know of any other current or former librarians that are also writers, please leave a comment and tell us.