Issues Magazine Now with Online Access

Issues Mag now searchable online

We are pleased to announce that our continuing subscription to Issues Magazine now includes online access to all back issues. By logging into their site with the usual username and password you will be able to search back issues by keyword and read the entire article. So what is Issues magazine all about?

“Issues magazine will keep you ahead of public debate on contemporary scientific issues.  Each quarterly edition explores a specific scientific topic, with key experts and stakeholders given the opportunity to argue their position in the debate.

In each convenient compendium Issues publishes extensive background infor­mation and a diverse range of opinions on topics such as animal welfare, chronic pain, bioethics, complementary medicine, indigenous health, climate change adaptation, mineral resources and population growth, providing an unrivalled reference on the issues of today – and tomorrow.”

This is an excellent source of relevant, current info on controversial science and health topics. Really useful for Science, RE, even English. Check it out today. Access from the Cabra Library Homepage under ‘Links Favourites”.