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This week’s Website of the Week is I was at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Saturday night to see Arctic Monkeys play one of the handful of gigs they have been doing to promote their latest album AM here in Australia. Apart from witnessing a predictably excellent performance I was interested to see for myself how closely they stuck to the setlist they have been playing on the tour so far. Australian gigs have been supported by the Perth band Pond, two members of which have been part of fellow psych/rock/glam/garage band Tame Impala up until late last year.

There has been quite a bit of press about the band with accusations from one American support band The Orwells that every Arctic Monkeys show of this tour is identical. The Orwells who supported the band on the US leg of their AM tour went so far as to say not only are the songs on the setlist the same but they are played in the same order and with every seeming ad-lib “choreographed” into the bargain.

Adelaide Gig 10/05/14

Alex Turner, frontman and  principal songwriter  for the band responded in the sort of fashion that has garnered him fans and critics in equal measure. That is to say he responded like a Rock Star, and that is his job afterall…

This naturally got me to thinking of how to find out what songs bands play when and how often, on which tours and over time. If you follow a band’s career closely enough you can sometimes find fan posted setlists for the latest tour but not much more. is a Wiki that by contrast offers an incredible wealth of information about bands, past and present, their touring info and really comprehensive setlists. It is constantly being added to and amended and provides not only gig by gig setlist info but comprehensive statistics on which songs come from which album and how often they are played.

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