Year 10 P.E. Students Research Soft Tissue Injuries

Today, Year 10 P.E. students used the Senior Library to investigate soft tissue injuries, their treatment and rehabilitation.

soft tissue injury

photo by vikisuzan

Pupils were asked to consider the following:– Choose a soft tissue in the body

– Describe soft tissue and find graphics/pictures as evidence

– Choose a soft tissue injury and describe if it is a grade 1, 2 or 3 injury

– Describe the process of recovery (rehabilitation)

– Describe a modern issue relating to the soft tissue and soft tissue injury you have chosen

– How does a soft tissue injury affect the individual and their sporting community?

Some of the most useful research resources are below:

EBSCO eBooks and ANZRC Journal Collection

Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) – Factsheets and useful links

Clearinghouse for Sport – Portal for a huge amount of sport related information resources

Google Scholar – Academic articles from Google Scholar