Website of the Week: Noodle Tools

noodle tools

This week’s Website of the Week is Noodle Tools. Take a tour of these well-chosen, categorized resources to help you with any type of research you are undertaking.

Once again remember using sites such as these improves the quality, relevance and authority of the information you will find. Understanding the nature of your information search and utilising a range of different types of sources will provide better results and save you time.

Website of the Week: 100 Search Engines For Academic Research

100 Academic Search Engines

This week’s Website of the Week is 100 Search Engines For Academic Research from te@chthought. Teachthought is a learning and technology blog that offer users really useful reviews of new and existing technologies used in education. Their post on 100 Search Engines For Academic Research is a truly excellent annotated list of search engines, gateways and information portals for academic research. Sites are organised into General, Meta Search, Databases and Archives, Books & Journals, Subjects, Other Niches and Reference.

The good news about using sites such as these is that the quality, relevance and authority of the information is much more likely to be high than simply using a generic search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Year 11 SACE Research Project Parents’ Information Evening

Last night more than 100 parents of Year 11 students undertaking the SACE Research Project this Semester braved the wet and windy weather to attend an information evening in the Aquinas Building. The Principal Mr Schumacher spoke of the importance of the project not only for students’ tertiary entrance hopes but for developing life long learning skills. Research Project teacher and Head of Year 12 Mr O’Brien gave parents an overview of the structure of the project, the assessment criteria and  the timeline. Research Project Coordinator and Librarian Mr Bull presented a whistle-stop tour of the essential resources and tools needed for the RP as well as the best ways for students to get help.

RP Assessment typesRP Quick Guide

It was great to see so many enthusiastic parents attending last night. The range and depth of the questions at the end of the presentation showed staff that Cabra parents really appreciate being involved in their children’s learning and are up for the challenge of the research Project this Semester. For those unable to attend as well as those present I have included all the information and resources from the evening below.

Download  the Research Project 2014 Assessment Overview and the Cabra College Research Project Quick Guide here.

Check out the Cabra Senior Library Blog RP page here. The gateway to all research Project resources and help in one place.


As well as the normal class time set aside for this subject, Mr Bull has blocked out the Senior Library for RP help every Monday Blocks 7-8 and Wednesday Block 4. He will be on hand at these times to help with any questions, queries or issues concerning the Research Project. And lastly, remember that the Senior School Library is open before school from 8.00am every day and after school till 4.30pm Monday-Thursday for study, homework help or catch-up.