Website of the Week: HHMI’s Biointeractive

Free Science Education Resources

This week’s Website of the Week is BioInteractive. This interactive site provides a wealth of free Science Education resources on a multitude of topics.  Check out the topic list below:

Biointeractive topics

The site seems to offer a good range of general Science resources, careers info, Environmental Science and Scientific Methods. It’s particular focus however is Biology and related disciplines.



Website of the Week: Khan Academy

khan academy image




This week’s Website of the Week is Khan Academy. This site is run by a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to provide education for anyone, anywhere, for free. Users can sign up and complete thousands of self-paced tutorials on hundreds of topics. Based around YouTube style how-to videos, the lessons allow students and teachers alike to introduce themselves to concepts, progress through a series of lessons, re-visit concepts they find hard and consolidate learning by taking quizzes and viewing their own progress.

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