Website of the Week: Eric Weisstein’s World of Science

Science World from Wolfram Research

This week’s Website of the Week is Eric Weisstein’s World of Science, a Wolfram Web resource by the folks who brought us  Wolfram Alpha. This site is an excellent resource for biographical info on scientists, Astronomy, Chemistry, Maths and Physics.

Website of the Week: Information Is Beautiful

Information is BeautifulInfo is beautiful






This week’s Website of the Week is Information Is Beautiful. This site features a vast range of Infographics on a myriad of subjects. Check out their Most Popular Infographics here!

Website of the Week: Wolfram Alpha

wolfram alphaThis week’s Website of the Week is Wolfram Alpha. This site is a computational knowledge engine, as opposed to a search engine. It uses verifiable information collated by humans and mathematical algorithms to answer questions and generate reports on almost any topic. A great starting place for your information search on any subject. The tool is particularly good at comparing things. Take the Wolfram Alpha tour here.