Words We All Should Use More

English is an amazing language and extremely rich in synonyms. We are fortunate to have at our disposal a vast panoply of different ways of saying the same thing. Check out this post below from the Oxford Dictionary’s OxfordWords blog about a bunch of great words you may not have heard of but could find useful.

Click on the image below to see the list.


Website of the Week: Nations Online

One World – Nations Online

The Nations Online Project :: Get In Touch with the World.


This week’s Website of the Week is The Nations Online Project. This site provides a superb collection of information and links about just about every country in the world. Search by country, continent or language. There are also some excellent articles on cities including Megacities and famous cities. Nations Online compliments the excellent statistically focused CIA World Factbook and the more culturally oriented A-Z of World Culture.

The Nations Online Project – is, among other things, a more or less objective guide to the world, a statement for the peaceful, nonviolent coexistence of nations. A statement in favor of cultural diversity and the free flow of information and knowledge across national, cultural and religious boundaries.

Nations Online Project is a pioneer in providing information about countries. It is actually as old as Google, and older than Wikipedia.