EduTech 2014 Starts Today

EduTech 2014

EduTech 2104, starts today. EduTECH® is Australasia’s largest annual education technology conference and exhibition. In 2014, EduTECH® will host 9 conferences, 8 masterclasses, 5000+ attendees, official event dinner for 800 guests, 200+ exhibitors and free seminars for exhibition visitors. EduTECH® is the only event that brings together the entire education and training sector (primary, secondary, tertiary, higher education and workplace learning) plus libraries, plus government, plus suppliers…all under one roof.

The event is held in Brisbane and will allow education professionals from all sectors to see what the latest trends, ideas and technologies around education mean for their own practices and workplace.





Website of the Week: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

English: ABS House which is the headquarters f...

English: ABS House which is the headquarters for the Australian Bureau of Statistics located at Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Australian Bureau of StatisticsThis week’s Website of the Week is the Australian Bureau of Statistics.With over 1 million webpages constantly updated, this is Australia’s largest internet site. Apart from featuring amazing amounts of demographic information relating to Australia, this site has some pretty nifty little gadgets that allow us to drag Census information from their databases and display it in interesting visual ways. Check it out.

Spotlight on CensusUse this cool animation tool to find out loads of information about yourself from the latest Census data.

Use real statistical information to run your own town in this exciting simulation, ‘Run That Town’.

pop clockAustralian Population Clock. Click to find out what the future holds for our population and how births, deaths and immigration will affect the population into the future.

Census at School  Census At School offers the most comprehensive selection of statistical information on Australian students.


Website of the Week: and Ten Top Twisted Fairy Tales

lit reactorThis week’s Website of the Week is Like their tagline suggests this site is all about using the power of the internet to learn about books, reading and writing. Check out their latest post about the influence of traditional fairy tales on modern literature and film. Click here for their Top Ten Twisted Fairy Tales.



Website of the Week: Mental Floss: 62 of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

san francisco monastery library

The library in Lima’s San Francisco Monastery

This week’s Website of the Week is Mental Floss. This site is a very interesting collection of curious facts and amazing information similar in some ways to Brainpickings, the “digest of interestingness”. I first stumbled upon this site when reading an article about 62 of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries. If you are a lover of books and especially libraries you must check this list out. Some of the most amazing, beautiful and interesting spaces to hold books are listed in no particular order.

mexico library

José Vasconcelos Library, Mexico City

Website of the Week: Khan Academy

khan academy image




This week’s Website of the Week is Khan Academy. This site is run by a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to provide education for anyone, anywhere, for free. Users can sign up and complete thousands of self-paced tutorials on hundreds of topics. Based around YouTube style how-to videos, the lessons allow students and teachers alike to introduce themselves to concepts, progress through a series of lessons, re-visit concepts they find hard and consolidate learning by taking quizzes and viewing their own progress.

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