Is It Getting Hotter or Is It Just Me? Australia’s Hottest Year on Record.

Annual Climate Statement 20132013 was the hottest year in Australia since records began. The Australian Bureau of Meterology has confirmed:

  • Summer 2012–13 was the warmest on record nationally, spring was also the warmest on record and winter the third warmest
  • Overall, 2013 was Australia’s warmest year on record: annual national mean temperature was +1.20 °C above average
  • All States and the Northern Territory ranked in the four warmest years on record
  • Nationally-averaged rainfall was slightly below average for the year, with 428 mm (1961–1990 average 465 mm)
  • Rainfall was mostly below average for the inland east and centre, and above average for the east coast, northern Tasmania and parts of Western Australia

For a detailed analysis of the weather in 2013 read the full Annual climate statement 2013.

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