Books Being Made into Films in 2014

There has been a lot of interest in books being made into films recently with what seems like an exponential growth.From recently written Young Adult dystopian FIction such as The Hunger Games and the Divergent series, to classic tales retold such as Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Check out the lists below for what is being made in 2014 and the best adaptation of last year.

Film Adaptations 2014 30 Books Being Made into Films in 2014

chasing frogBest film adaptations in 2013

A-Z list of movies made from booksAn A-Z list of movies that have been adapted from or inspired by books

If this only whets your appetite for film adaptations then be sure to visit our very own comprehensive Books into Films Page here.

As the Cabra Library DVD collection grows this interest will naturally increase here at school too. We are approaching 600 titles in our constantly growing DVD loan collection. Please remember to have a parent/carer sign your student diary to allow you to borrow. View the complete list below:

DVDs for Loan Feb 2014

New Film Adaptation of Tim Winton’s Book The Turning Released

It seems inevitable that if you write books as well as Tim Winton, sooner or later someone will make a movie of it. Thankfully, the film adaptations tend to be pretty good overall. Directors are wise not to stray too far from the deft plotting and lyrical sophistication of our acclaimed writer’s stories. In the Winter Dark, That Eye, The Sky and now The Turning have all been translated for the screen. Whilst The former two are quite faithful representations of Winton’s originals, The Turning stands out as a unique and ambitious cinematic experiment.

In order to imaginatively transpose the 17 distinct but linked short stories from this volume, producer/director Robert Connolly has invited 17 individual directors and their crews to each interpret a single story. The result is impressive and at over three hours long immersive, in the way every Tim Winton book seems to be.

Packing some stellar Australian acting talent with amongst others, Rose ByrneCate Blanchett, and Hugo Weaving, Miranda OttoRichard RoxburghThe Turning absorbs the viewer just as the original set of stories did.

Showing in most capital cities for a limited time.

DVDs to Borrow from the Cabra Library Collection

DVDs for LoanOver the last few months we have selected, purchased and catalogued hundreds of films on DVD for loan to students and staff. I have sent several emails and written in the newsletter about the system of consent and age restrictions so if you have your form signed and stuck in your diary you can now borrow DVDs. Senior Library staff are on hand to help with your selection and give you a new form if you need one before borrowing.

By far and away our DVD collection is focused on films that have been based on books. In some cases the titles are identical, sometimes similar and sometimes the DVD is only loosely based on a book.

Click on the link below to view our entire DVD collection at present. If you like what you see either drop down to the Senior Library to browse or search the Access-It Online Catalogue to see if it’s in or to reserve a copy.

DVDs for loan May 2013