What’s the Librarian Reading Now? You Are The Music.

Mr Bull is currently reading You Are The Music, by Victoria Williamson.

Dr. Victoria Williamson is a post-doctoral research fellow at Sheffield University and one of the world’s foremost researchers on the Psychology of Music. In this, her first book, she explores the complex relationships between music and our brains. She poses such questions as:

  • Do babies remember music from the womb?
  • Can music help with exercise or recovery from illness?
  • What is going on in your brain when that certain song transports you back to teenage years.

For more Psychology and Music information and latest developments check out Vicky’s Blog here.

For more info on Vicky and her other publications and research interests check out the link below.

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The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music

The Wire Magazine

To continue our Music theme this week in the lead-up to International Music Day on 21st June I’d like to introduce you to The Wire magazine. Although published in The UK, The Wire has a truly global ear, previewing, reviewing and promoting music of just about any style. There does seem to be an emphasis on cutting-edge new music in a variety of styles. Jazz, HipHop, Minimalist, Electronic music as well as Noise, Rock and Contemporary Classical forms all get wide coverage.
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21st June is International Music Day

International music day 2014

As well as the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere (and the longest in the North), on the 21st June everything music is celebrated. Launched in 1982 by the French Ministry for culture, the Fête de la Musique is held in more than hundred countries in Europe and over the world. It takes place every 21st June, the day of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere.

To help celebrate the day this Saturday we will feature a music-related post every day this week culminating with something special on Friday.

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Website of the Week: Setlist.fm

setlist image

This week’s Website of the Week is Setlist.fm. I was at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Saturday night to see Arctic Monkeys play one of the handful of gigs they have been doing to promote their latest album AM here in Australia. Apart from witnessing a predictably excellent performance I was interested to see for myself how closely they stuck to the setlist they have been playing on the tour so far. Australian gigs have been supported by the Perth band Pond, two members of which have been part of fellow psych/rock/glam/garage band Tame Impala up until late last year.

There has been quite a bit of press about the band with accusations from one American support band The Orwells that every Arctic Monkeys show of this tour is identical. The Orwells who supported the band on the US leg of their AM tour went so far as to say not only are the songs on the setlist the same but they are played in the same order and with every seeming ad-lib “choreographed” into the bargain.

Adelaide Gig 10/05/14

Alex Turner, frontman and  principal songwriter  for the band responded in the sort of fashion that has garnered him fans and critics in equal measure. That is to say he responded like a Rock Star, and that is his job afterall…

This naturally got me to thinking of how to find out what songs bands play when and how often, on which tours and over time. If you follow a band’s career closely enough you can sometimes find fan posted setlists for the latest tour but not much more. Setlist.fm is a Wiki that by contrast offers an incredible wealth of information about bands, past and present, their touring info and really comprehensive setlists. It is constantly being added to and amended and provides not only gig by gig setlist info but comprehensive statistics on which songs come from which album and how often they are played.

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Website of the Week: SongMeanings.com

song meanings

This week’s Website of the Week is Songmeanings.com. Ever wondered just what that song you heard was all about? Search songmeanings.com and not only get a complete transcription of the lyrics but sample a broad range of opinions on what the songwriters were really trying to say. a fount of knowledge and speculation of the real meanings behind thousands of songs, new and old.


Website of the Week: Brain Pickings

brain pickingsThis week’s Website of the Week is Brain Pickings. This is a pretty amazing website run by Maria Popova. Her mission is to bring us culture, the more interesting the better. In her own words; “Brain Pickings is a human-powered discovery engine for interestingness, a subjective lens on what matters in the world and why, bringing you things you didn’t know you were interested in — until you are.” So take a quick tour of the sight and expand your mind.


Year 9 English Students Learn Multimodal Referencing

Year 9 English students prepared for researching a multimodal presentation on sustainability. Pupils will be required to source images, sound and information to develop a presentation on their given topic. The focus today was on finding suitable ‘free to use’ resources and learning how to reference these correctly using the Harvard Style.

The following links were used as a starting point:

  1. New Access-It Cabra Library Catalogue. Use the ‘Fast Find’ search to find books, magazines DVDs available for loan in your libraries. http://library.cabra.catholic.edu.au
  2. Ebsco – ANZRC – Databases. Search thousands of articles in journals, magazines, newspaper and TV transcripts. http://search.ebscohost.com/
  3. Issues – Australian and New Zealand Points of View – Browse both sides of a given topic. Dozens of recent, topical and sometimes controversial issues to look at.
  4. Images – Flickr.com – Use the advanced search function to find images that you can use freely. Just remember to reference where the image comes from and who owns it. Click the ‘Creative Commons’ box. http://www.flickr.com/search/advanced/ or Google Advanced Image Search Use drop down box to select ‘Usage Rights’
  5. Music – Check out these Royalty and Copyright free music sites that allow you to download and use their music for your project. It’s free just say where you got it.
    1. ccMixter
    2. Moby Gratis – Multi-instrumentalist and ambient/techno pioneer Moby lets you use a whole bunch of songs for educational use. Sign up it’s free.
    3. DanoSongs.com – Another musician offering his tunes for you to use for free (Creative Commons License applies)
    4. Wolfram Tones – Create your own background music for your presentation (no musical  skill required)

Reference Generator – Use this tool to reference all your sources (books, websites, images, music) for use in your presentation. This uses the Harvard Style.

What’s the Librarian Reading Now?

VAGABONDHOLES   Author Biography

Mr Bull is currently reading Vagabond Holes: David McComb & The Triffids edited by Chris Coughran & Niall Lucy and Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical by Robert Shearman. David McComb was an Australian singer/songwriter best known as the Lead Singer/Guitarist with groundbreaking Perth band The Triffids. Named after the British writer John Wyndam’s famous dystopian novel, McComb Garnering wide critical acclaim with this band especially in the UK and Europe. The lineup included McComb’s brother Robert, future Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds bass player Martin P. Casey and pedal and lap steel guitar legend, ‘Evil’ Graham Lee. McComb became a member of The Blackeyed Susans, as well as forming  a shortlived post-Triffids band The Red Ponies. His only solo album Love of Will has become highly collectible following the singer’s untimely death at age 37.

Robert Shearman is a prolific English playwright and screenwriter who has produced three volumes of short stories, this being the second. His other claim to fame is as the first writer to bring back the Daleks in television’s Doctor Who in his hugely popular episode, Dalek. Check out my post about his appearance at the Adelaide Writers Festival 2012.