“Reasons for Reading” Comp Winners Announced

“I love reading because I can bury myself in a book and it transports me to another world. I can get to know the characters, try on other people’s lives to see how they fit. Reading is the cheapest form of travel! ;)” – Mikayla D.

image by carnagenyc

image by carnagenyc

Reasons For Reading Competition Winners Announced!

Congratulations to Mikayla D for her winning entry in our first ever “Reasons for Reading” competition. She will receive a $20 Book Voucher from Pegi Williams Bookshop, kindly donated by Mr Thur. We were literally inundated with fabulously imaginative responses, but the overall winner was Mikayla, (see her entry above).

We were so impressed by the number and quality of the entries that we decided to offer 3 runners-up prizes in addition to the grand prize. Emma B (9 White), Victoria S (10 Yellow), and Shea G (9 Yellow) will all receive a $5 Canteen voucher for their excellent “Reasons for Reading” entries. Well done to our winners and all of our entrants. Be sure to pop down to either library to find the latest books to borrow now you’ve all been so inspired to read.

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I like to read for many good reasons,

It’s brilliant fun in every season.


Whether I’m happy or whether I’m sad,

Whether I’m bored or I’m just plain mad.


I whip out a book and it sets me free,

It’s relaxing yet thrilling, it lets me be me.


It helps me forget about all other things,

so I can live in my palace, surrounded by kings.


Emma B


“My reason for reading is to escape reality for a little while, or even a long time. Reading takes me to all different worlds, and allows me to jump into the story and life of someone else. I know that whenever I feel like I have no one, I will always have the books on my shelves and the shelves in the library to welcome me home.” – Victoria S


Once we learn to read, we read to learn.

Whether sitting, standing, squatting or laying – we read. Whatever weather, we read. Whatever time, we read.

Ink splashed upon crisp sheet – poetry, prose or drivel – we read.

When the world fails us, we read, for in a book we can retreat to worlds of wonder and everlasting possibilities.

When a book ends, you can read it again.

And when the black day comes when all books are gone…


…their words will live on.

Shea G