Minecraft. 21st Century Collaborative Education or Mindless Obsession?

pic by Mike Prosser

Unless you have been living in a hole (but not a pixelated mineshaft) you will have heard about the online world building game Minecraft. Its enduring popularity and cult-like appeal for children, young (and not so young) adults has been surprising and perplexing to many adults. In a world where super high resolution computer graphics are available on PCs, tablets and even phones, why does this clunky, pixelated, retro looking game mesmerize so many?

As well as the game itself, Minecraft has spawned (no pun intended) a panoply of websites, books, merchandise and entire YouTube channels dedicated to the concept and all it encompasses.

Common Sense Media has released a list of their 12 best Kid-Friendly Minecraft related YouTube Channels. View the whole list below.

The 12 Best Kid-Friendly Minecraft Channels on YouTube

Take a look below at the wonderful books about Minecraft which we have for loan in the Cabra Libraries.

minecraft books

Minecraft Books at Cabra Feb 2016

More Minecraft resources and links below. Go crazy!

minecraft wiki logoMinecraft Wiki. Huge collection of articles and resources by multiple contributors.

Some of the best Minecraft related Websites can be found here.

List of other books about Minecraft. Librarian and kid approved.