Year 9 English Students Play Casting Director

Today Year 9 English students had the opportunity to play casting director in their own adaptation of a short story.

goodreads list     jane campionAfter choosing a short story of 10 pages or less from the Library collection students had to read their story, paying close attention to the setting and the characterization of the main and secondary protagonists. After completing a short setting and character worksheet, students cast real-life actor’s in the principal roles of their imaginary film adaptation.

Some useful links and the worksheets are below: Short Story Collection 2015Film Resources.

Character Map Female

Character Map Male

Casting the Characters and Setting Worksheet

short story index  Short Story index. Browse and read short stories online.

Neil Gaiman’s Free Short Stories

19 Short Stories from Nobel Prize Winning Author Alice Munro

10 Wonderful Stories to Read Online from Flavorwire

100 (or so) Great American Short Stories

Year 9 English Students Learn Multimodal Referencing

Year 9 English students prepared for researching a multimodal presentation on sustainability. Pupils will be required to source images, sound and information to develop a presentation on their given topic. The focus today was on finding suitable ‘free to use’ resources and learning how to reference these correctly using the Harvard Style.

The following links were used as a starting point:

  1. New Access-It Cabra Library Catalogue. Use the ‘Fast Find’ search to find books, magazines DVDs available for loan in your libraries.
  2. Ebsco – ANZRC – Databases. Search thousands of articles in journals, magazines, newspaper and TV transcripts.
  3. Issues – Australian and New Zealand Points of View – Browse both sides of a given topic. Dozens of recent, topical and sometimes controversial issues to look at.
  4. Images – – Use the advanced search function to find images that you can use freely. Just remember to reference where the image comes from and who owns it. Click the ‘Creative Commons’ box. or Google Advanced Image Search Use drop down box to select ‘Usage Rights’
  5. Music – Check out these Royalty and Copyright free music sites that allow you to download and use their music for your project. It’s free just say where you got it.
    1. ccMixter
    2. Moby Gratis – Multi-instrumentalist and ambient/techno pioneer Moby lets you use a whole bunch of songs for educational use. Sign up it’s free.
    3. – Another musician offering his tunes for you to use for free (Creative Commons License applies)
    4. Wolfram Tones – Create your own background music for your presentation (no musical  skill required)

Reference Generator – Use this tool to reference all your sources (books, websites, images, music) for use in your presentation. This uses the Harvard Style.