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This week’s Website of the Week is This site offers a comprehensive range of reviews, news and criticism of movies, TV shows and related entertainment industry stuff. Includes Calendar of upcoming productions, Trailers as well as interviews, audio commentaries and even live broadcasts.

The Cool Stuff tab features TV and Movie merchandise and related paraphernalia for the movie buff and serious collector alike.


Website of the Week: A Mighty Girl

a mighty girl headerThis week’s Website of the Week is A site devoted to book and movie reviews and author interviews of particular interest to girls. There are some really fantastic lists of books and authors that feature strong female characters and positive role models for girls and young women. Browse the sections below for more strong girl stories both fiction and non-fiction:

Mighty Girls & Women; Fiction;  General Interest;  History/Biography; Personal Development; Social Issues


Website of the Week: Quote Investigator

quote investigator

This week’s Website of the Week is Quote Investigator. Ever wondered whether that famous quote you love to use is factually accurate? Did Albert Einstein really say everything attributed to him? How would we know and could we ever find out for sure? Dr Garson O’Toole may be able to help. His excellent investigative blog Quote Investigator  attempts to get to the bottom of just who said what, when and where.

Dr O’Toole scours the web and print sources to separate the fact from fiction when it comes to famous quotes. So before you emblazon that essay or blog post with some snappy quote by your favourite author, just check that they did in fact say what you think they said.

Website of the Week:

This week’s Website of the Week is

The site attempts to match your interests in books, films and music with other compatible content. Try searching your favourite author, book, film or band and Tastekid will suggest other things that you might like based on the style, audience and genre. Give it a try.image

Website of the Week: Biblioklept

(c) The Courtauld Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue FoundationThis week’s Website of the Week is Biblioklept. The word literally means “Book Thief” and it is a blog dedicated to discovering and sharing great things from books, art, film and culture generally. The site has been going since 2006 and is run by Edwin Turner.