Website of the Week: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

English: ABS House which is the headquarters f...

English: ABS House which is the headquarters for the Australian Bureau of Statistics located at Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Australian Bureau of StatisticsThis week’s Website of the Week is the Australian Bureau of Statistics.With over 1 million webpages constantly updated, this is Australia’s largest internet site. Apart from featuring amazing amounts of demographic information relating to Australia, this site has some pretty nifty little gadgets that allow us to drag Census information from their databases and display it in interesting visual ways. Check it out.

Spotlight on CensusUse this cool animation tool to find out loads of information about yourself from the latest Census data.

Use real statistical information to run your own town in this exciting simulation, ‘Run That Town’.

pop clockAustralian Population Clock. Click to find out what the future holds for our population and how births, deaths and immigration will affect the population into the future.

Census at School  Census At School offers the most comprehensive selection of statistical information on Australian students.